Welcome to Apartment Safari. It’s a jungle out there! And I’m here to guide you through it and help you find the best possible place to live. I don’t promise to find your “dream home,” or your “perfect apartment,” because I’m all about keeping it real. I do promise to do my best to save you time, frustration, and maybe even a little money while helping you find a home you’ll be happy in.

In the video below, I quickly introduce myself and invite you to check out some of my reviews and to give me a call anytime. In the next video on this page, I take you through an apartment to show you how pictures you see in listings might not be telling you the whole story… I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Jake Seligmann
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Here are some of my reviews:


“Jake was absolutely amazing throughout our entire apartment search.” – Chloe

“Awesome… cares about you not his commission.” – Osnat

“Jake helped my roommate and myself through every step of the process making it become a lot less stressful. He was very responsive and honest with every listing we sent him. It is obvious that Jake has your best interest in mind and not just looking for a fee.” – Mallory

“Jake helped me find and rent my first apartment in Manhattan. When I was ready to buy an apartment three years later, I called Jake, because I knew I wanted him to help me with my first purchase as well. Jake is a great broker and a good person. He is so attentive to all of the details that need to be addressed in a purchase.” – Xingpei

Jake helped me find my first apartment in New York City, and I couldn’t recommend him highly enough… Perhaps the best endorsement I could give is to say that he made a notoriously difficult process easy, freeing up my mindspace to focus on all of the other moving pieces associated with what has been a pretty significant career/life change.” – Steve

“I was so lucky to find Jake when I was moving to New York City with my family for the first time. Jake’s advice saved us so much heartache. He scouted out a temporary place for us, sent videos and pictures, and took care of everything before we even arrived.” – Davison

“Busted his butt to get us to see as many of the apartments we were interested in as possible. Highly recommend making him your go to man for your entire search rather than emailing multiple agents listed.” – Pian and Jon

“He is honest and insightful about the apartment hunting process, and I would recommend him to anyone looking in NYC.” – Igor

“Jake was excellent all the way around. From his promptness in his responses to my emails and phone calls (at all hours) to his very thorough search and presentation of apartments that fit our criteria, my fiance and I were able to find an AMAZING apartment in under a week. Would absolutely recommend him to anyone looking for an apartment in New York– especially if you want some helpful guidance along the way. Thanks for everything, Jake!” – Tara

“Said simply, Jake is the man. Available whenever it was convenient for us, long hours on the phone, helping us find out what we really wanted, and then showing us what we needed to see… Love where I am now, Thanks Jake” – Ben

“It’s hard to believe but you can in fact find an honest broker in New York City. Jake had 12 apartments lined up for us to see, was professional, and his fee is very reasonable. As a bonus, he’s fun/funny making an apartment search actually somewhat enjoyable. Highly recommended.” – Jordan

“I called Jake because his message was about himself and his approach to real estate in the city and he turned out to be just as helpful as his message said he would be. During the first few phone calls he really explained a lot to me about how the rental market works and guided me through the whole process. Jake was honest and we saw six apartments in one day and I felt confident that he really knows what he’s doing and was trying to help me find the right apartment that I would be happy with. He gave me his honest opinion and he was very reasonable about his fees. He clearly wasn’t pressuring me to make any particular decision. I would definitely recommend Jake as a great guide for anyone’s Apartment Safari!” – Alwyn

“Jake will tell you that he is a no-nonsense, cut to the chase kind of broker who isn’t interested in wasting your time and you will be skeptical because well, aren’t we all skeptical of NYC brokers? After working with Jake I can tell you that he is sincere, honest, FUNNY, fair and an overall good guy who truly wants you to find a home that will make you happy… He’s great. Good luck on your apartment hunt!” – Amy

“Jake helped me find my first apartment in the West Village when I moved to NYC three years ago. He came to meet with me and explained his approach to the market, and I liked it. He seemed like a straight shooter, and after three years of knowing him, I can definitely say he is. I highly recommend Jake as a trustworthy and knowledgeable NYC broker.” – Rob

For the full versions of all of my reviews on NakedApartments.com, click here. For my LinkedIn recommendations, click here.

Call me anytime… (914) 525 6511.
I look forward to helping you with your search!




Keeping it Real in NYC Real Estate




Here’s a great example of a listing that looks quite nice in the pictures…

But what lurks beneath that window?

And to what dungeon do those stairs lead?

Take a look at my video tour below to find out…




Though I can’t always be certain, after looking at thousands of listings and seeing how they translate into reality, I’m quite good at predicting how an apartment will feel from the pictures. And one thing’s for sure—I would never hide a negative aspect of an apartment. I tell my clients everything I know, as soon as I know.

There are many other things that I can decipher in a listing that you wouldn’t necessarily notice or understand if you’re not a broker. One of the ways I help my clients most is by commenting on the listings they’re interested in. If you’re like almost everyone I’ve worked with, you’re already scouring the web for listings, which is great. I encourage you to be part of the process—but wouldn’t it be nice to have someone you can trust helping you understand more about what you’re seeing?

The first thing I’ll do with you is talk about your search and find out what you’re looking for. I’ll answer any questions you may have, and then I’ll tell you which websites to use for the best results. Maybe you’ve gotten the feeling that some sites seem to have more legitimate listings than others—that’s because it’s true! Once I give you some tips on how to use the best sites, I’ll ask you to send me links to any listings you like. I’ll send back my comments and perspective on each listing which really helps to narrow down your search to the handful of places that make the most sense. I will save you a lot of time and frustration, because you’ll avoid unnecessary trips to apartments that I’ll help you see won’t be right for you. Other times, I will go see an apartment you’re interested in while you’re at work to make sure it’s worth your time.

There’s a lot more information that I will provide to you when we speak, but much of it is sensitive in nature… For instance, I don’t want to publicly reveal which websites I recommend as better than the others, as I don’t want to make any enemies! NYC real estate is a surprisingly small world.

Give me a call anytime and I will be happy to discuss your search with you and help however I can. I don’t make any of my clients sign any contracts obligating them to use me as their broker, so there’s really nothing to lose. I look forward to speaking with you soon!


Happy Hunting!

Jake Seligmann
(914) 525-6511